These are the original criteria for stallholders at the farmers' markets. We occasionally invite guest producers or charitable organisations to enhance the market but generally you will be buying local produce from the local area.

1. All produce must be locally grown or locally produced - local means within 50 miles of the market location.

2. Stalls must be staffed by the producer, their family or an employee who is directly involved with the growing or producing of the product on sale. They should have a good knowledge of the produce they are selling.

3. Producers must sell their own produce at a stall, all of which must have been stated on the accreditation form. Bought in or repackaged produce is strictly prohibited.

4. Primary produce including meat, meat products, poultry, fresh fruit and vegetables, honey, plants, eggs and fish should be grown/reared by the stallholder.

5. Game should be shot or caught within the local area and be sold by the person licensed to hunt the game or a dealer who can produce receipts from a local licensed hunter.

6. Secondary produce / value added products including bread, cakes, confectionery, jams and preserves, ready meals, juice etc must be made using locally grown ingredients where available and at least two of the ingredients should be sourced locally.  Mixes or pie fillings are not acceptable.

7. Plants grown from seed or cuttings where some degree of skill is involved in the process are strongly encouraged.  Plugs may be purchased and potted on but may not be sold until they are established.  Mature plants may not be purchased with the intention of selling on immediately.

8. Only farms and processors registered with an approved sector body may use the term “organic” to describe their produce. Organic Certificates must be displayed on your stall at all times.  Ignoring this guideline is a contravention of Trading Standards Legislation and will result in being excluded from the market/s.

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Don't meet these requirements? Don't Worry, Sketts are proud to offer our Fine Food Markets welcoming all food producers to street food! 

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